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Pecora Dairy

Pecora Dairy

Pecora Dairy was established in 2011 by Michael and Cressida McNamara on the verdant pastures of Robertson, in the Southern Highlands of NSW. Our philosophy is to produce outstanding ewes’ milk cheeses in a sustainable way, that showcase the extraordinary qualities of our milk. read more →

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NSW Food & Wine Festival

NSW Food & Wine Festival

07 February 2015

ASCA will participate for the first time in the annual NSW Food and Wine Festival... view details →

ASCA Cheese, Wine and Talk - Small, Local & Beautiful

ASCA Cheese, Wine and Talk - Small, Local & Beautiful

21 November 2014

How a family can have 10 cows and a few goats on a small farm and run a sustainable and profitable dairy business view details →

NCDEA Course: Farmhouse Cheese Business

NCDEA Course: Farmhouse Cheese Business

14 May 2014

Short course to learn how to run a Farmhouse Cheese Business. Contact Janice Roberts at NCDEA ... view details →

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ASCA newsletter - January 2015

26 January 2015

An exciting year of Australian artisan cheese awaits us all! ... view details →

Update on milk cultures trial with DIAL

21 January 2015

Last October, ASCA embarked on an exciting project with DIAL to harvest the natural microbes... view details →

New raw milk cheese changes: Summary for members

16 January 2015

Long-awaited changes to Australia’s raw milk cheese guidelines... view details →

ASCA members win Champion awards at AGDA

01 January 2015

Congratulations to members whose cheeses were crowned Champion at AGDA... view details →

FSANZ raw milk cheese changes announced

16 December 2014

ASCA welcomes changes to raw milk cheese regulations released by FSANZ today... view details →

Harvesting local milk cultures for unique Australian Cheeses

26 November 2014

ASCA is running a groundbreaking trial with DIAL to harvest the natural microbes from milk... view details →