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Prom Country Cheese

Prom Country Cheese

My wife Bronwyn, two children and I milk sheep on our 190 acre farm on the Foster creek at Moyarra, South Gippsland in Victoria. We have been cross breeding and growing our herd since 2007 in pace with increasing demand for our cheese. Deep loam soils and high rainfall produce lush green grass most of the year round, with creek flats or hill country grazing options to suit the seasons. read more →

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NCDEA Course: Farmhouse Cheese Business

NCDEA Course: Farmhouse Cheese Business

14 May 2014

Short course to learn how to run a Farmhouse Cheese Business. Contact Janice Roberts at NCDEA ... view details →



02 May 2014

Learn cheese ripening techniques and gain an understanding of the differences in ageing conditions… view details →

ASCA Trade Day

ASCA Trade Day

03 March 2014

Are you serious about your cheese? As a retailer, restaurateur, chef, front of house or other industry body, we would like to help you ... view details →

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ASCA Newsletter - January 2014

27 January 2014

As record-setting heatwaves hit south eastern Australia, our thoughts turn to those who produce our artisan cheeses ... view details →

FSANZ - ASCA's submission on raw milk products

10 January 2014

ASCA has made a submission to FSANZ on their proposal to permit an increased range of raw milk products to be made and sold... view details →

Artisan Cheese Making Academy Australia wins training award

15 November 2013

South Australia's Artisan Cheese Making Academy Australia has won the Industry Collaboration Award…. view details →

BoatShed Cheese Wins USA Awards

27 October 2013

BoatShed's 'Chelsea Blue' wins Best International Cheese at the recent North Carolina State Fair, USA. view details →

St David's Dairy opens in inner Melbourne

27 September 2013

ASCA member, Ben Evans has recently opened St David's Dairy in the inner Melbourne suburb of Fitzroy…. view details →

From the Producer - a free e-commerce website

10 September 2013

We are pleased to introduce to you a new website called 'From the Producer' which has just been launched…. view details →