Private consultancies with Ivan Larcher

30 November 2015

Plans are once again underway to bring international cheesemaking expert, Ivan Larcher, to Australia in November/December - exclusively for one-on-one consultancies with ASCA members.

If you are a Cheesemaker or Start-Up Cheesemaker member, and you are interested in booking a 1- or 2-day private consultancy at your farm or cheesemaking facility, please email ASCA Executive Officer, Louise Wellington, with your expression of interest.

In order to share Ivan's expertise with a wide variety of members, first preference this year will be offered to members in Queensland and Northern New South Wales, followed by South Australia. Every effort will be made to offer priority to members who have not previously taken advantage of Ivan's consultancy services.

Details of the cost, dates and itinerary are still being finalised by the ASCA Committee, so stay tuned for details.

You can read about Ivan's previous ASCA visit in April 2015 here, and some testimonials below.


One-on-one consultancies with Ivan Larcher provide cheesemakers with the opportunity evaluate their cheeses and cheesemaking methods, and troubleshoot problems, at their own premises.


Here's what some of the participants said about the Ivan Larcher workshops in April 2015:

"Ivan’s ability to transfer cheesemaking knowledge and science into practical hands information that can be used by the cheesemaker is exceptional.  He is the best I have seen at doing this. The information he possesses and willingly provides on all aspects of cheesemaking from the milk through to affinage will help you improve your cheesemaking. You will make better cheese.  I highly recommend Ivan’s workshops to anyone involved in any aspect of artisan cheese manufacture."

Graham Redhead, Cheesemaking Courses & Equipment

"Ivan Larcher's workshops have been invaluable in helping me to raise my Cheesemaking knowledge to a much high level.  He provides a range of skills and a technical understanding of Cheesemaking which has enabled me to troubleshoot my own problems through an understanding of the Cheesemaking process.  Ivan is a true teacher who loves to share his knowledge of Cheesemaking and has a genuine interest in helping me improve my craft.  His knowledge is both deep and broad, something that has been lacking to date in Australia.  If you are serious about producing high quality artisan cheese Ivan's workshops provide essential skills to add to your technical 'tool box'. "

Paul Wilson, Cheesemaker, Nimbin Valley Dairy

Two of us from Grandvewe Cheeses attended our third Ivan Larcher workshops this year. The focus of the workshop was to deal specifically with working proactively from a microbiological perspective, in order to control and manage better quality and more consistent outcomes for artisan and farmhouse cheesemakers. Whilst the prospect of two full days of talking cheese-related micro might sound about as inspirational as chewing on cardboard, somehow Ivan manages to engage us all enthusiastically. For a fellow whose second language is English, Ivan’s ability to engage and simplify complex micro issues never ceases to amaze us!

Nicole Gilliver & Diane Rae, Grandvewe Cheeses

Cost: To be advised

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